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Computer Science 



Study materail as per CBSE syllabus
This contains study material for computer Sciencce and IP Stream for class 11-12. It contains PPT Vedio Quiz FIB MCQ and True and False.

Run Python program
here Online

No need to install python software, you can run your python code online here, juct click the button.

write html program in online editor and check its working

Test HTML tags online

12 class Computer  Sample papers and Projects

computer Projects for class 12

         computer Projects for class 10

10 class Computer Sample papers and Projects

Computer Science Class 12 Notes

Check your progress before real exam through online test

Online test

Complete study material for class 10 Information Technology

402 IT class 10

Install the best and easy software to run python Programs
Thonny interpreter for python3 on windows.

Download Thonny