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Functions in Python

Fill in the blanks on Function in Python


1 The values received in the function definition/header are called________ .

ANSWER= paramenters / formal arguments


2 A parameter having default value in the funtion header header is known as a _________.

ANSWER= default parameter


3 A ________ argument can be skipped in the function call statement.

ANSWER= default keyword


4 _______ arguments are the named arguments with assigned values being passed in the function call statement.

ANSWER= Keyword


5 A void function also returns a _______ values to its caller.



6 A _____ is a subprogram that acts on data and often returns a value.

ANSWER= Function


7 Python names the top level segment (main program) as ______

ANSWER= __main__


8 In Python, program execution begins with first statement of _____ segment.

ANSWER= __main__


9 The values being passed through a function-call statement are called _____ .

ANSWER= arguments or actual paramenters


10 By default, Python names the segment with top-level statements as _______.

ANSWER= __main__


11 The ________ refers to the order in which statement are executed during a program run.

ANSWER= Flow of execution


12 The default value for a parameter is defined in function ____.

ANSWER= header
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