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Computer Science class 12 CBSE Sample Paper 2023-24

Computer Science Class 12 CBSE Sample Paper 2023-24

New Paper pattern for Sample Paper Computer Science Class 12 Session 2023-24

For the academic year 2023-24, CBSE has changed the paper pattern and assessment scheme via circular Acad-45/2023 dated 06.04.2023. The Board is introducing changes to Examination and Assessment practices to align assessment to Competency Focused Education, with a greater number of Competency Based Questions or questions that assess the application of concepts in real-life situations.

So let us review the previous year as well as the current year’s assessment and evaluation practices to be followed by the board.

Question Types2022-232023-24
Competency-based questions30% in the form of Multiple Choice, Case-Based Questions, Source Based Integrated Questions or any other type40% in the form of MCQs/Case Based Questions, Source-based Integrated Questions or any other type
Objective type questions20%20% – Response Type Questions (MCQ)
Short Answer/Long Answer Questions50%40% – Constructed Response Type

Highlights of Sample Paper Computer Science Class 12 Session 2023-24

Some important highlights of Sample Paper Computer Science Class 12 Session 2023-24 are as follows:

  1. Sample Paper Computer Science Class 12 Session 2023-24 contains 35 questions.
  2. Sample Paper Computer Science Class 12 Session 2023-24 divided into 5 sections – A to E.
  3. Section A – 18 Questions (1-18), Each question of 1 mark.
  4. Section B – 7 Questions (19-25), Each question of 2 marks.
  5. Section C – 5 Questions (26-30), Each question of 3 marks.
  6. Section D – 3 Questions (31-33), Each question of 5 marks.
  7. Section E – 2 Questions (34 & 35), Each question of 4 marks.
  8. All programming questions are to be answered using Python language only.

Lets us discuss the sample paper now. I have explained every question in detail. So here we go!

Sample Paper Complete Analysis Chapter wise/Question Wise

I have analyzed sample papers with each question chapter-wise. Here it is:

NoChapter & TopicMarks
Section A
1Ch:1 Python Revision Tour – I,  Loops and Jump Statements1
2Ch:13 Simple queries in SQL, Data Types1
3Ch:1 Python Revision Tour – I,  Evaluating Expressions1
4Ch:2 Python Revision Tour – II, Strings in Python1
5Ch:15 Grouping Records, Joins in SQL – Cartesian Product1
6Ch:10 Computer Networks – I, Types of networks1
7Ch:2 Python Revision Tour – II , Lists in Python1
8Ch:2 Python Revision Tour – II , Strings in Python1
9Ch:2 Python Revision Tour – II , Tuples in Python1
10Ch: 4 Using Python Libraries, Working with standard library modules1
11Ch:11 Computer Networks – II, Network Devices1
12Ch:3, Working with functions, Scope of variables1
13Exception handling newly added topic (Appendix – E) Provided Later1
14Ch:12 Relational Databases, The relational model terminology1
15Ch:10 Computer Networks – I1
16Ch:5 File handling, Working with text files1
17Ch:2 Python Revision Tour – II, Lists in Python1
18Ch: 3 Working with functions, Types of functions1
 Revision Tour – I: 3
Revision Tour – II:5
Working with functions: 2
Using Python Libraries:1
File Handling:1
Computer Networks – I :2
Computer Networks – II:1
Relational Databases:1
Simple Queries in SQL:1
Grouping Records, Joins in SQL:1
Section B
19(i) Ch: 11 Computer Networks – II, Network Protocols and Internetworking Terms & Concepts
(ii) Ch:11 Computer Networks – II, Internetworking Terms & Concepts
202 Errors from Ch1: Python Revision Tour – I  (While,==)
2 Errors from Ch 3: Working with functions (define, return)
21Ch2: Python revision tour – II, Lists in Python OR
Ch:2 Python revision tour – II, Strings in python
22Ch2: Python revision tour – II, Strings, Lists and Dictionaries in Python2
23Ch2: Python revision tour – II, Strings and Lists in Python2
24Ch14: Table creation and Data Manipulation Commands, DDL and DML command2
25Ch3: Working with functions, Passing Parameters2
 Revision Tour – I: 1 (Err)
Revision Tour – II:3+1 (1 OR )
Working with Functions:1 (Err)+1
Computer Networks – II:1
Table Creation & DDL and DML commands:1
Section C
26Ch2: Python Revision Tour – II, Strings in Python3
27Ch13: Simple queries in SQL, Simple Queries and Aggregate Functions3
28Ch5: File Handling, Working with Text Files : 2 with OR3
29Ch13: Simple Queries in SQL (1M)
Ch14: Data Manipulation Commands (2M)
30Ch9: Data Structure – II Stack3
 Python Revision Tour – II:1
File Handling: 1+1(OR)
Simple Queries: 1, 1(1M)
SQL Commands – 1(2M)
Data Structure -1
Section D
31Ch:10 Computer Networks – I , 3 Media and topologies
Ch:11 Computer Networks – II, 2 Network Devices, Security
32Ch5: File handling, i) Working with text files (2M)                                  
ii) Working with Binary Files (Including OR) (3M)
33Ch12: Relational Databases, i) Relational Model Terminologies(1M)
Ch16: ii) Interface Python with MySQL (4M)
 File handling:1+1 (Inc OR)
Computer Networks:1
Relational Databases:1
Python Connectivity – 1 (4M)
Section E
35File Handling –CSV File4
 File Handling,CSV:1DBMS:1 


1 & 2Revision Tour I & II8+14*114*20-2=18
3Working with Functions2+1145
4Using Python Libraries111
5File Handling12*12*6*13
10 & 11Computer Networks311510
12 to 15DBMS3121715
16Python Connectivity115
Total questions including OR187*+16*24*38*70
Extra (OR)1113 
Questions to be Attempted18752335 
Section wise Marks18141581570 

Computer Science class 12 Marking Scheme CBSE Sample Paper 2023-24

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Computer Science class 12 Marking Scheme CBSE Sample Paper 2022-23

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